The start of college is a very exciting time in your life, and we at Clark are pleased to be a part of your personal journey. While you are enjoying your final high school activities, you may be anxious about all the steps you need to take before the most important one: stepping onto campus on Move-in Day. Below you’ll find a to-do list that will help keep you organized, answer your questions, fuel your excitement, and ease the transition. Log in frequently to keep track of your progress.

To Do

New Clark accounts must be activated by you before they can be used for all network services. If you haven’t done this already, you should activate now. Click the button below.

Activate Your Account

Parents or other third parties who need to view your bill must be established as an authorized third party on your account. Whenever an e-bill is available, an email message will be sent to your Clark email and the email address entered for third-party authorizations. You must log in.

Log in to CU Web

  • Click on Registrar’s Office, Student Account and Financial Aid
  • Click on Student Account
  • Choose Pay or View Bill Electronically
  • To view bills, go to the Your Bills box in the upper right-hand corner and click on View next to the corresponding bill date.
  • To authorize a third party, click on Add New in the Parent or Third Party Authorization box. Fill in the information and click ok.

View e-Bills/authorize third party

Housing:  Living in one of our residence halls as a first-year or transfer student is a key part of your Clark experience. But there’s a lot to know — like how to apply for housing and plan for your arrival in August.

Meal Plan: Students living in Traditional Lifestyle or Suite Lifestyle Housing are required to have a full meal plan and will be assigned the All Access Plan if no selection is made.  You must log in.

Housing and Meal Plan Sign up

We want to make certain that as a first-year student you register for the writing class that will best prepare you for the writing you will do throughout your four years at Clark. All incoming first-year students must complete the writing placement process, which involves submission of a questionnaire and placement essay.  You must log in.

Start Now

Log in to MOODLE, Clark’s course management system, for this tutorial. You must complete this before you can schedule an appointment with your summer adviser.  Complete the online Summer Advising & Registration Tutorial before June 11-July 9. You must log in.

Take the Tutorial


You know you’re an official Clarkie when you get your Clark OneCard! It’s more than your campus ID; it serves as a key to a number of campus services (including access to your residence hall). Find out more about the OneCard.

All students must have a photo ID. Submit a digital photo online and your OneCard will be printed and ready for you when you arrive for orientation. Photo requirements are similar to those for a driver’s license or passport.  You must log in.

Submit Your Photo

Please use JPG/JPEG files. Your photo should be no larger than 480 x 640 pixels and less than 200KB in file size.

All current students have access to view semester invoices and monthly billing statements online.

View e-Bill

With a couple of exceptions, the professor who teaches your First Year Intensive seminar will become your pre-major adviser. All faculty are prepared to advise first-year students, regardless of the area of interest. In preparation for your summer advising appointment, it’s important that you fill out this form so your adviser can best guide you in choosing your first-semester courses and academic program.

Faculty Adviser Information Form

Please download, complete and return the required health forms listed below by July 3, 2018.

Please keep a copy of all of your forms for your records. You will be notified via your Clark email about the status of your health forms. You are responsible for checking your Clark email regarding your forms compliance. Please do not call Health Services if you have not returned your forms by the deadline.

*To avoid registration holds, and charges for immunizations at Clark, you should get any needed immunizations with medical practitioners in your home country or state.

**Health Services will accept physical examinations completed within the past two years.

Mail your completed forms to:
Director of Health Services
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester MA 01610-1477

In June, you will receive an email from your summer adviser with instructions to set up a skype meeting between July 10 and July 31.

Pick your class T-shirt size.

Choose Size

You will need Internet access and speaker/headphones to play the audio in the courses.  Your progress is saved automatically, so you may complete each course in multiple sittings.  Please know that all of your responses are confidential.  When you’re ready to begin:

  • Go to
  • Enter the registration code for Clark: 979d64c9
  • Provide your name, Clark email address and your Clark ID number.  You must use your Clark email address. Your Clark ID number appears in the information sent to you at the time of admission or you can find it by doing the following:

Complete the health insurance waiver form if you have other comparable health insurance coverage and want to remove the health insurance charge from your student bill. Incoming students who do not complete a health insurance waiver/enrollment form by the July 20 deadline will be automatically enrolled in, and charged for, the Clark University Student Health Insurance Plan so the University may comply with Massachusetts law.

Mail your completed forms to:
Director of Health Services
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester MA 01610-1477

To avoid registration holds and loss of class time, all balances must be paid by the due date.  See our online bill guide for important billing information.

View Bill Guide

To complete your enrollment, Admissions needs your final transcript from your high school. Contact the Admissions Office if you have specific questions about what is required.

Undergraduate Admissions

The financial aid office wants to wrap all of your awards before you come to campus; this requires you to complete a bit of paperwork. Make sure to contact the Office of Financial Assistance to see if anything is still outstanding.

Contact Financial Assistance

To Review